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She took time in her busy life, from halfway around the world ( she is in the UK ) and showed me some amazing things in Photoshop.  Spent hours in chat, Skype & emails just talking to me and telling me that I could do it.   Helenka has a style I have seen from no one else, and I LOVE seeing her images. She has since had many things happen as we don't speak as often as I'd like to... but I hope she knows how much she continues to inspire me.  

Expanding from there I took to trying to do some photoshoot with friends of mine.  Looking back on those photos I wonder what Helenka even seen in me.  LOL THEY ARE BAAAAAD and I mean BAD!    But I kept trying.   I eventually won a contest for amateur photographers where I won $700.  I know it isn't much but hey I was excited.   So from there I decided to upgrade my gear to Canon.  At the time the T3i was a great camera.  ( I am now wanting a Canon 5D Mark III, but that is a ways off ) I Love my Canon Camera.  She has gotten me through newborn shoots, my first and second weddings and so many things in-between.    
Being out anywhere, I look at the world as if I was looking through my camera.  I see beauty in daylight, in darkness, in the fresh and new, and in the decaying.  I find solace revisiting every image as I open them up from my card on my computer.  I enjoy reliving the moments I experienced time and time again just by viewing an image I have taken.   I Love the communities I have become apart of and the friends I have made because of this passion. 
Someone recently asked me, "What is your Plan when you take a photograph?"  I simply replied " To be Emitt Brown."  For those of you to young to know the reference I am referring to the crazy Doc Brown in Back to the Future.... Because with the click of my Shutter I capture a moment in time... thus allowing my clients and myself to Time travel in a moment.   But this I will explore more later.  
I don't have a firm style I shoot as I am still trying to find my style.   I know for the longest time I wanted NOTHING to do with weddings, but after I shot my first one... I LOVED it and can't wait for more.   I also love nature, animals and so much more.   
So stick with me and lets see where this crazy thing called life takes us.  


Frank P. and his Daughter Amelia - Copyright Samantha Purea Photography

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My Name is Samantha ( Sam for short ).  My Heart belongs to my husband Rob, My Pets, and My Love of Photography. My Husband has been a huge part of my life since 1994 but only married since 2009 ( Yup you did the math right ).   He is strong willed, Intelligent, kind hearted, sweet, loving and my best friend.  Together we have been through MANY ups and downs in our personal lives as well as business.  However without him I wouldn't be where I am or Who I am.  Together we share a love of Cars, Animals, Music & Vegas just to name a few.

Anyway,  He bought me my first dslr back in 2007 ( Olympus e-510 )  and I have been hooked since.   Everything I have done and shown has been self taught from hours of reading, youtube & tutorials I have found from many from around the world.   There is one point in time where a stunning and talented woman's work came across my News feed on Facebook and I was in AWE.  Long story short we became Online friends.   To this Day I stalk her page and look through old and new works... wondering what awards she has won or will win.   Helenka Marysia is truly a beautiful soul with AMAZING talent!